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We are far from the traditional image of an optician. We offer a large selection of stylish glasses, aimed at stylish people and most importantly, the best team of optometrists to advise you and take care of your vision.

What qualifies us?

Óptica Llamusi is a leader in Guardamar and its surrounding area, not only for the quality of services and brands it offers, but also for the highly qualified staff and excellent standard of customer service. This is what sets us apart from other companies.


Óptica Llamusi is a distributor of the world’s most prestigious brands in the industry. These products include: Frames, sunglasses, ophthalmic and contact lenses, etc. Whilst always paying special attention to new trends and technology.

Who we are

About us

In Óptica Llamusi we look after your health.

With more than 40 years experience and our expert professional training, our customers enjoy the peace of mind that they are in good hands.

We offer the necessary assistance to ensure your satisfaction, not only with your visual and auditory needs but aesthetically too.

We offer you the latest technology within modern facilities, together with the experience of over 40 years.

Our commitment is to aid people in difficulty in order that they are able to see and hear normally.

We never forget the importance of aesthetics and those clients that like to keep up with trends and the latest technology.



Guarantee and Satisfaction0


We stock new seasonal designs. We always offer you a variety of frames in all styles.

Search our brands for the latest, most modern designs, colours and materials and find the perfect pair for you.

Great selection of brands and models.

Prescription and non-prescription sunglasses.


You can choose anti-reflective lenses.

With absolute transparency, perfect vision correction and a multitude of advantages.

We have prescription or non-prescription lenses, single or varifocal lenses, all of the highest quality.

Lenses as light, strong and resistant as polycarbonate resin.

Contact Lenses

Our contact lenses will give you the maximum comfort possible.

  • For daily use:

No need to clean them or keep them.

For occasional use: for sports, weekends, holidays…

  • Monthly Usage:

With simple, convenient and economical maintenance.

For daily use.


Microaudio devices specific to your hearing.

Headphones. Able to compensate for the hearing loss.

Protectors. Disposable filters, etc …

Amplifiers. For the early stages of hearing loss.

Other add-ons. Necessary for the hearing health.

Take advantage of our special offers, from here you can access current special offers in all our services, lenses, frames, … “GREAT DISCOUNTS




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